Monday, March 12, 2018


If you haven’t figured it out yet, your Captain is an avid reader. Having despised reading throughout 20 years of school, I now find reading a vital part of life. 

And sexy.

The First Mate and I have been lugging around literally tons of books with every move, so I am extremely grateful now for my Kindle. I carry it with me wherever I go and you can find me reading almost every day while eating lunch at local lunch stops.

Hopefully I am making a good impression on people about the importance of reading.

Full disclosure, I read to escape. Being the Captain of a ship – a fleet of ships – can be very stressful. Books give me the opportunity to get away from it all, if just for a brief time.

So I tend to gravitate toward books written in or about Florida and the Florida Keys.

If you’re going to get away, get away to a beach, right?

A couple years ago I came across Ed Robinson’s book “Trawler Trash: Confessions of a Boat Bum”. (You can find a link to his blog in the blog roll to the right. Look for "Quityourjobandliveonaboat".)

The premise is this: a successful businessman loses his wife – the love of his life – so he gives up on life, absconds with company money, buys a boat, and disappears. Intrigue and adventures in tropical locales follow.

Due to his particular situation, Breeze, the hero of the book, travels the warm oceans, hangs with a multitude of interesting characters, and pays cash wherever he goes.


The Captain finds this idea appealing at times.

In fact, I would have bought a trawler last summer if I’d had an extra $100K!

“Trawler Trash” was a simple, but satisfying, read. And the next eight installments were also enjoyable.

Robinson’s most recent book, “Enduring Breeze”, #10 in the series, was published in January.

The Captain has already read it.

And… was disappointed.

Again, I read to escape. In addition to work life, the world itself is stressful.

Trumpf is still President.


Shootings continue at an alarming pace in our schools, and no one is doing anything about it.


Fewer and fewer people are interested in organized religion, and our religious leaders are not helping.


And my blood pressure is slowly rising.


The Captain needs an escape!

But in “Enduring Breeze”, Robinson works into his story line intrigue involving the FBI. Breeze’s current hot girlfriend is an FBI agent on the lam from the agency because “she knows things”.

To flesh out this story line, Robinson brings in an alt-right version of our current American politics – including Trumpf, Hillary, Mueller, and Comey.

Suddenly the Captain found himself dragged back into the very issues I was striving to escape!

I almost stopped reading at chapter 2.

But the Captain is not a quitter!

Having now finished the book, I am convinced Robinson really is a boat bum.

And a lazy writer.

Any fiction writer worth his salt should be able to create a background story that is not “ripped from the headlines” of Breitbart and company!


Unless he thinks the Breitbart trash is fiction…

Which it is.

But most likely he is just lazy.


Captain’s Note: I have moved on the Jonathan Kellerman’s latest book now. Psychological thriller. A little deeper. Set in L.A. Good stuff.