Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Vote Has Been Counted And...

It was a close vote, due in no small part to the "Vote No!" forces.

Such a compelling argument...

Only 202 votes separated the "Yes" from the "No". Hopefully we can move on together now.

And unlike the dire warnings, the "Yes" vote didn't immediately cause beers to materialize in everybody's hands.

In fact, it will take months before licenses to sell alcohol will be issued. Although a new restaurant with a bar area is already in the works, it will be a long time still before the first liquor store or bar opens up.

So, I'm just guessing here, but I suspect that when we wake up in the morning, the world will still be revolving on its axis; the sun will rise again; the birds will be singing; and we will all shuffle back to work.

Granted, a few will probably have hangovers.

As I head to the Captain's Quarters for a night's rest, let me say it again: this vote doesn't mean you HAVE TO buy alcohol.


It simply means the Captain can.

Thank you!