Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Is this cat walking up the stairs or down?

We have reached a sad point in history when even the Captain doesn’t know who to believe.

Last night, an alleged intelligence report was leaked to the press. In it were “bombshell allegations” against President-elect Donald Trump. Two main points were lifted up: 1) his failed businesses have been financially propped up by Russia / the Russian Mob for more than five years, and 2) Russia has blackmail video of Trump asking for and participating in a “golden shower” with Russian prostitutes.

For those who don’t know what a “golden shower” is, the Captain will simply say that it is NOT a plumbing fixture!

When, during the campaign, candidate Trump proclaimed, “I know things”, perhaps he wasn’t just boasting!

Captain’s Note: Among other things, this story demonstrates just how fast the morals of the American public are declining. No one cares that he might have been cavorting with Russian prostitutes. It’s the “golden shower” thing that has folks worked up!

Let it be known that, as of this writing, none of these allegations have been confirmed. They reportedly come from “credible sources”, but there is so far no credible evidence.

Only gleeful speculation by Trump-haters.

With the preponderance of “fake news” during the campaign, the Captain cannot help but wonder if this, too, is more of the same.

Except this time written by people on the Left.

In my humble estimation, the President-elect having a fetish for “golden showers” is perhaps a little more believable than his opposition candidate running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor…

...which many on the Right swallowed as gospel. But still…

In truth, the Captain believes these allegations against Trump are all wet… ahem.

And sadly, I don’t see anyone doing anything about it even if they are true! Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker of the House Ryan are too busy breaking with protocol trying to get quick Congressional approval for all of Trump’s preposterous Cabinet picks. 

Yes, we're  getting a gigantic "FU!" from our own elected leaders right now!
And with a Republican majority in Congress now, there appears to be no one with the intestinal fortitude to bring impeachment charges even if CNN showed the alleged video to the nation during the 6:00 news!

If you will recall from the campaign, candidate Trump once boasted, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters!”

Assuming he didn’t shoot one of his own voters…

And – while it boggles the Captain’s mind that anyone would say such a thing... out loud! – it appears he was right.

Despite his general lack of interest in national security briefings and the mechanics of the “transition”, despite his continuous flow of petulant tweets about anyone who would speak against him, despite his egregious (and perhaps unlawful) selections for his Cabinet and advisors, and despite a record-low popularity rating for a newly-elected President (yes, he’s polling at 37% favorable), those who were for him on November 8th are still for him today!

This all disturbs the Captain deeply. And yet, as has been pointed out so many times (and I've written here), by rule of law Donald Trump was elected to be our President, and he will be inaugurated on Friday, January 20th.

I don’t like it, and I won’t watch it.

But all the whining and protests and secret revelations will accomplish nothing now.

What really disturbs the Captain today is the inability to trust. 

Who is telling the truth today? 

About anything?


When did we sacrificed “Thou shalt not lie” on the altar of Party Politics?

Is it true that our President-elect enjoys the occasional “golden shower” and is being black-mailed by Russian entities? I don’t know.

Penthouse magazine has offered up to $1 million for a corroborating Trump sex tape, which surprises the Captain.

Normally it is Larry Flynt making such seedy offers!

Trump denies everything. Naturally.

Russian President Putin denies a video exists. Naturally.

So who are these people saying that it is true? Russian spies?

Former British intelligence officers?


Who can we trust anymore?

I simply don’t know.

And that bothers me greatly.