Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I Voted!

Captain's Note: It's a busy week, but I just wanted to jot off a quick note to the krewe. Of course, this was the perfect time for Blogger to develop glitches...

I voted last Tuesday!

Fat lot of good it did me. All of my candidates lost... except for those who ran unopposed.

Alas, the Captain is a liberal Democrat living in a Republican stronghold.

Seriously, candidates do not come here to campaign because they already know how the vote is going to go.

And it did. For all the major offices on the ballot, the count was pretty much 9,000 to 5,000 (give or take) in every case.

But the Captain did his patriotic duty.

And we'll try again next time.

After the last General Election, a lot of Democrats woke up and realized that the Mid-Terms were also important. This scared the Republicans, so suddenly people on both sides of the political spectrum were pushing to get out the vote. 

And by all counts, it was a big turnout.

Because a lot was at stake.

And while there is plenty of evidence to prove that Republicans have dug in...

We also know the stakes were much higher. 

If anyone asks what the real difference is between Democrats and Republicans, simply show them this picture.

That's what the Mid-Terms were really about!

Captain's Note: Mates, if you look at the above picture of the newly-elected members of the 116th Congress and don't understand what I'm taking about, perhaps you're sailing on the wrong vessel.