Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It'll Be Easier, He Said

When last I left you, dear mates, the Captain was pondering how to remove the busted freshwater tank from The Tiki Hut. 

After careful thought and some libations, it was determined that it would be easier to remove the wall panel on the cabin interior that to dismantle the water and electrical systems that are blocking the aft end.

The wall panel appeared to be painted plywood. A couple screws held it in place. No problem.


The fuzzy stuff on the wall was simply glued up, so that was no problem. Then I removed the two screws at the top, thinking that would release the panel.


It didn't budge. 

The panel had been sealed at the bottom and port wall side with fiberglass.

It took the Captain five hours to get to this point.

The goal is in site. Another hour or so of working in the hot, cramped space and the tank will be free.


Captain's Note: Tomorrow be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yer Captain is expectin' ter be up to his eyebrows in work so I might not get back to you here to celebrate with you! So lift a glass to yer Captain sometime tomorrow - and I'll lift a glass to you!