Friday, October 24, 2014

There be Mermaids!

[Possibly not safe for work.]

Recently, while surfing the internet looking for Hallowe'en costume ideas…

…no, really….

…the Captain came across this great costume:

This served as the inspiration for today’s blog about Mermaids.

Mermaids have been a part of folklore for centuries. Stories about mermaids can be found in ancient Assyrian and Greek mythology.

Even Christopher Columbus reported seeing mermaids on his voyages around the Caribbean. 

Manatees were once thought to be mermaids!

Dude, how long were you at sea?

 Some believe mermaids (and centaurs and minotaurs, etc.) hail back to a time when human kind and animal kind were more closely related. 

But, as with most things we don't understand, they became "monsters" and were either feared or hunted to extinction.

Mermaids were sometimes associated with sirens, which attempted to lure horny weary sailors to their deaths. Thus, they are most often depicted as beautiful women... the most dangerous of creatures!

Save for P.T. Barnum’s supposed “Fiji Mermaid” of 1842.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote his famous story, “The Little Mermaid”, back in 1836, which was not at all the heart-warming story that Disney turned it into in 1989.

Read it for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Mermaids also play an important role in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (2011). They appear to be beautiful women (with fish tails), but are really vicious creatures that devour sailors.

How do they do that with their hair?

In 2012, Animal Planet channel attempted to capitalize on the popularity of mermaids with its broadcast of a “documentary” called “Mermaids: the Body Found”. This turned out to be bogus, and gave Animal Planet a P.R. black eye from the trusting public.

I believe the Food Network is planning a show of its own called, “Mermaids: Good Taste or Taste Good?”

Sorry, Charlie!

Whether you believe in mermaids or not, if you’d like a mermaid of your own, contact Mermaid Melissa.

Mermaids. Mysterious creatures. Yes. Beautiful creatures. Yes.

But the Captain still has one question that has bothered him for years. How does one “mate” with a mermaid?

Think about it…

Now, about that Hallowe'en costume...