Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Day

In the early 1990s the young Captain was appointed to be the associate pastor at a large and fast-growing church in Tennessee. I was the first associate the church ever had, so I did not inherit a pile of unfinished work and scheduled meetings from a predecessor.

I arranged my office, organized my desk and files, and began pouring over the new church pictorial directory to learn the names and faces of the people to whom I would be ministering.

After about a week of this, I was bored.

I went to the Senior Pastor and told him so.

He just smiled and assured me, “It will come.”

And it did. When we moved away from there seven years later, I was working 24/7. The church membership had doubled in size, we had built a new sanctuary, and had increased our worship services to four – one on Saturday evening and three on Sunday morning. There were meetings and Bible Studies and fellowship groups all clamoring for my attention. And I couldn’t say “no”.

And truth be told, we moved away because I was worn out.

On Friday it snowed.

I had already finished my sermon prep, and printed, folded and stuffed the worship bulletins, because the First Mate and I were going off for a night alone to celebrate our anniversary.

But it snowed. Bad!

We canceled our reservations and hunkered down for a long weekend.

By Saturday noon it was clear the snow and ice were not going away. Despite the heroic efforts of county road crews, the roads were iffy, at best. In consultation with church leaders, the Captain canceled the Sunday morning worship services at all three churches.

Captain’s Note: This break did give us the opportunity to watch Captain Whitebeard, who broadcast the sermon from his living room over Facebook LIVE.

Perhaps an idea for next time.

It’s snowing again today. The Captain’s got meetings planned for four nights this week. They may have to be postponed. 

Since the majority of my parishioners are elderly, it would not be good to get them out in the cold at night.

And today I feel like I did my first days at that large church.

I’m bored.

So the Captain is catching up on some reading. 

And trying to write a little too.

Because, after 30 years of experience, I know it will come.

As for what’s going on in “the outside world”, on Friday the news broke that in a meeting with Congressional leaders concerning immigration, President Trumpf reportedly referred to Haiti and some other countries as “Shithole nations”. He allegedly asked why we couldn’t get more immigrants from nice countries, like Norway.

Captain's Note: Yes, sadly, this is a real thing here in good ol' U.S. of A.


The President's alleged remarks were immediately received by many as racist.


Naturally, Trumpf denied saying it. A couple other Republicans joined in with lukewarm denials. But the accusation has stuck.

And yet, no one seems to be able to do anything about this crude and boorish man who is our President.

On Friday, the President also made a traditional proclamation concerning the Federal holiday (today) honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In that proclamation, he encouraged – as other black leaders have – that instead of just “taking a day off”, spend the day doing something good for someone else.

And today, President Trumpf spent the day golfing at one of his golf resorts.

With no public appearances scheduled for the entire day.

Those who are counting say this is day #95 the President has spent at one of his golf resorts since taking office a year ago.

That comes to almost 25% of his time. Golfing.

Captain’s Note: The Captain has already discussed the exorbitant security costs associated with these trips, as well as candidate Trumpf’s regular condemnation of President Obama for his frequent golf outings. So I won’t repeat myself here.

Except to say that it was probably a good thing the President was golfing on Saturday when an employee of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency accidentally sent out a missile alert.

For 38 minutes the people of Hawaii were ducking and covering, fearing that North Korea had actually unleashed a ballistic missile in their direction.

So it was fortuitous that the President was on the golf course on Saturday and not near that “great big nuclear button” on his desk!

Imagine this very real scenario – the world comes to an end because an employee clicked on the wrong words of a dropdown menu.

Seems the Captain has read that book...

Captain's Note: If you haven't, perhaps you should. 

It may come.