Thursday, October 20, 2016

What's Happening!

Thank you for your patience – and expressions of concern – during my recent absence. It’s been a busy month. Here’s just a bit:

#1-The Captain’s mother had knee replacement surgery, which went well. Thank you for asking.

You did ask, didn’t you?

That took a lot of time and emotional energy in the days following the surgery. Our schedules are just now getting back to normal as she settles into a 3-per-week outpatient physical therapy routine.

#2-I traded in my Jeep for an “adult car”.

More on that later.

Captain’s Note: The Captain extends all due condolences to the person who next buys that Jeep. The roof leaks when it rains, and there is a steel drum music CD stuck in the CD player. We were surprised that the car dealer never asked about the condition of the Jeep; he simply scanned the bar code on the door and offered me the expected market price.

#3- The First Mate’s parents came for a visit.

#4- In the meantime, there has been another Presidential debate. Plenty of fodder for “Banana Winds”, but I will pass on that for now.

The Captain should apologize to my fair readers because I have not followed up with my promise to tell you why I am voting for Secretary Clinton (with whom I agree on so many issues currently facing us), but the truth is that Trump (OMFG!) simply keeps giving me thousands of reason to not vote for him!

#5- And then I wandered into a conversation on Facebook recently that demonstrated the depth to which political discourse in our country has sunk.

Here is the original post:

For those who don't know the Integration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, you should know that she once floated in the Mediterranean "to better understand what it feels like to be a refugee".

Yeah, it's just like that...
Here is my comment and the ensuing replies (with apologies for the coarse language): 

And although the Captain has refused further participation in the "discussion", the insult continue to flow my way.

#6- Even as I write this I am watching the re-make of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Frankly, some things should never be re-made.

Sadly, Tim Curry (this time as the Criminologist) will not be leading us in the “Time Warp”.

In addition to being a bad re-make, FOX takes commercial breaks for self-promotion.

When this is over I’m going to have to re-watch the original to set the world right again!

So today’s blog is a lighter piece about Facebook. Specifically a feature known as “For Sale or Trade”, where people in a local community offer their unwanted goods “For Sale or Trade”. 


I joined several such sights, but never paid much attention to the various postings until I saw one concerning a car for sale. It was reasonably priced, and the photos provided showed it to be in decent condition, although it had apparently sat in someone’s driveway for a while. A brief written description hailed it as a dependable vehicle, blah blah blah. And then it mentioned that the driver’s door had been “keyed”. A closer look at the photo revealed that someone had scratched the word “WHORE!” along the entire driver’s side!

I’m guessing it will be for sale for a while.

So then I started looking at other posts. 

I've had a lot of time to fill.

So check these out...

Buy my garbage...?
Great deal for a Titans fan... with money to blow! Really? MillerLite?

Do you live in a UPS truck?

Really? How hard could that be?


I'm supposed to come to your house for a $3 paper shredder?

Okay, maybe for a $5 pair of hootchie shorts...

What? Is it made of Spandex?

And in case you need decorations for you beach wedding...

A 17-year-old Suburban with a bad transmission...

What a deal!

These things are hilarious!

A great costume for hot Siamese twin cops!
So, that's what the Captain's been doing recently.

Your sympathy is greatly appreciated.

I hope to be back at it next week! Check back again frequently!