Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And Here She Is!

No, not really! Keep reading!

This past week a friend and colleague filled his Facebook feed with pictures of his new granddaughter. He is a proud "G-daddy"!

As he should be!

At the same time, the Captain wanted to post pictures of my new boat - also a proud moment! - but alas, we were vacationing in a lake cabin without WiFi. Updating "Banana Winds" and posting photos on Facebook were difficult.

As it is, we burned through our monthly data plan within just a couple days!

Now back from vacation, it's time to bring everyone on board about this latest development in the Captain's life.

When the search for a boat began, I had two goals in mind:
     1) get out on the water
     2) take friends with me

What better to meet those goals than a pontoon boat?

Also known as a "Party Barge"!

Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for!

But when I shared this with the First Mate, her immediate response was, "I don't want a pontoon boat."


Had I said something sooner, the Captain would have saved hours of searching and driving the countryside.

Captain's Note: There is a lesson in there somewhere...

So, taking a step back, we began the search over. Together.

Now, cur friends have ski boats, so we didn't feel the need to add another one to the fleet.

Captain Whitebeard has a beautiful sailboat. (See post here.)

Another friend has a houseboat, which was more boat than I wanted to deal with - although the idea of being able to live aboard is still appealing.

Add that as #3 on my wish list.

Then the First Mate found this on

A 1985 25' Sea Ray Sundancer.

She is beautiful, and in good condition. With a deep cabin (V-birth) and head.

Add "head" to my wish list as #4.

Damned prostate!

We tested the Sea Ray on the water a couple times - it floats! - and a deal was quickly struck; paperwork was exchanged.

The bimini top was reconfigured here to protect a passenger from the sun.

The First Mate immediately took up her post.

And we have already employed the Sea Ray to its purposes...

Kentucky Lake sunsets are the best!
She came with a name on the transom, so in a few short weeks she will be renamed in a proper ceremony.

No, she will not be called "Banana Winds".

Turns out bananas are unlucky on a boat. Who knew?

But she has already been flagged...

"Hunt for treasure. Treasure the hunt."


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day

Captain's Note: As alluded to in previous posts, the Captain did recently buy a boat. More about that will follow, but tomorrow is Father's Day, so a fitting tribute is in order here.

As people across the nation are planning to celebrate their fathers tomorrow, the Captain would add a word of thanks to me dear ol' Dad.

As some of you know, the Captain's father passed suddenly when the Captain was but a mere lad. it was traumatic, to say the least, but we had a dear Mother who was determined to carry on the course they had set for my siblings and me on the days we were born.

She went to work - eventually two jobs - and managed to put four children through college. She is to be commended above all women. I went on to earn an MDiv.

As for Dad, I just want you to know - 40 years later - I turned out okay.

"Awesome", if you can believe the coffee mug!